Thursday, March 14, 2013


This seems to be the story of my healthy living.

I do great for a while.  Then I struggle.  Then I do o.k. for a while.  Then I struggle.

I wish I could tell you exactly why I struggle.  I wish there was a single reason for it.

I often think my relationship with food is pretty complex.  And my relationship with laziness is too comforting.

I've been off any kind of healthy choices for a couple of weeks now and I really need to find my motivation to get back to it.  There are plenty of reasons why I should be motivated.

I know I feel better, have more energy, my mood is more stable... when I am exercising and eating loads of fruits and veggies.

I feel better about myself.

My family is going to Disney World this summer and I'd really like to look at our family pictures and like what I see when I'm in the picture.  I'd also like to have the energy and stamina to go go go for long days while we are there.

My husband is doing awesome on his healthy living right now - he's lost weight, he looks great, and I can tell that he feels better, too.  I envy him.

So why can't I motivate myself to get off the couch and get active?  Why can't I stop myself from hitting up the drive through because I just "have to" try the new taco?  Why can't I stop myself from deciding that I "deserve" that pie, that cupcake, and that pudding all in one day?

What are your best tips, tricks, and strategies for staying motivated?  What changes have you made in your life to keep you on track?

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