Monday, March 25, 2013

Healthy is infectious

Ya know, some people may get annoyed with you while you are on your journey to have and create a healthy lifestyle, especially, in our world where we can inundate our friends with updates of our latest workouts or health fads. You may even lose some acquaintances along the way. Don't worry about the few you may lose. They are on a different journey & not ready & that is their choice. It is, perfectly, okay. We are all adults and have to accept responsibility for the consequences of our choices. Thankfully, many people in your life will watch on the sidelines and find encouragement and inspiration from you. You never know who you are inspiring!

I have always been aware of the need to exercise because my mother has always been, purposely, active. She exercised by walking laps at a local lake. She would go to the gym. As a child, I automatically followed her example. As an adult, I still know that exercise is just as important to my health as visiting the dentist or getting a physical.  Although, there were times when I was not always consistent because of the example my mom instilled in me, I would always go back to exercise as a means of gaining controlling of my health and weight.

Now, I have the wonderful opportunity to be an example and inspiration to my own family through my love of running. My teenage son who is not the typical athlete has picked up an interest in running. He will often go to the gym or comment about how an activity like shoveling snow helped him burn some calories. My kids even think of running as a second means of transportation, lol! Last night, my seven year old joined me in a round of cross training at home. I even had to purchase a yoga mat for him. Lastly, my husband and countless friends have decided to give running a try and nothing gives a runner greater joy than converting loved ones & friends into runners. Hey, that is more people available to you if you want some company during a run.  

So, while some people may not understand your journey or even be annoyed by your have to do what makes you happy &  benefits your overall well being. Promoting health & exercise makes me happy to the core. Even more so, helping others on their journey brings me significant joy. Trust me when I tell you, healthy is infectious! Not only will your good & healthy choices benefit you, but your family & friends will & can benefit. Have you been inspired by the choices of someone else? Do you think that healthy lifestyles of those close to you is infectious?


We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how. –Anonymous

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