Friday, February 8, 2013

Who do you love?

I like themes!

My theme for this month will be LOVE! It is also an easy cop out since it is February...the month to celebrate love. The love I want to address this month is self love. How is the love you have for yourself? When we love ourselves it is easy for us to make good health choices. We take care of things and people we love. It is easier to value things that we love. Do your actions reflect the love that you have for YOU?

When you speak of yourself does it indicate the love you have? Are the daily thoughts and self talk that you have in your head loving and positive? We need to focus on how we communicate with ourself. We spend more time with ourselves than anyone and many of us do not even like, let alone, love ourselves. Try to focus on how you communicate with yourself & whether or not it is positive or negative. I believe in the power of the almighty tongue & I know once you get your mind right your body will align & follow suit. 
So, I wonder...
How is the banter or self-talk in your head? Is it kind? Is it encouraging? Is it uplifting? 
Are the words you choose to use when you are thinking/speaking of yourself the same words you would choose to speak/think about your spouse/partner, child, or best friend? 
It never ceases to amaze me how mean we can be to ourselves. Try to focus on speaking, being kind, and encouraging yourself in the same manner that you would treat or speak to a loved one. Focus on loving you more! :) Monica

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