Friday, June 14, 2013

The things we take for granted...

I took being able to go outside and run many miles non-stop for granted. I would often beat myself up or be really hard on myself if I didn't perform the way I wanted or expected to. I am a marathoner that has completed three marathons at respectable times and with a move to another state...I am suffering when I run! We moved to Denver, Co a little over a week ago and I have not quite, exactly, allowed myself to acclimate before attempting to run. I am stubborn, impatient, and I have some pretty hefty running/training goals, so I really felt the need to get out there & see what I could do. Well, I have not managed to run three miles without a walk break.

There should never be any shame in listening to your body & performing at the level your body can handle. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!! So, I run based on exertion & not so much based on pace. This is a different world, for me, but I am actually embracing it better than I thought. It has been nice to make new discoveries about myself during this journey. The main thing is that I listen to my body & try to stay reasonably active for the sake of my mental & physical health. Everyone needs to be sure you are staying active & do NOT take your health & ability to exercise at your level for granted.

So, I LOVE living in Denver, thus far! It is beautiful here (mountain sunset pic below) & there are miles & miles of trails. The city is brewing with activity & active people! I do, miss the familiarity & comfort of Indy, but Denver reminds me of my hometown. I know once I get acclimated & along with adjusted to my new roles, all will be well.

The future for me is bright! I am too stubborn to give up & not keep trying. Besides, I love to run & I am confident that I will get to a comfortable running pace & back to working towards my goals. So, be sure you are not taking your abilities for granted! We never realize how good we had things until they are gone or their use is restricted...

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  1. Indy misses you, lady! And you're going to acclimate so fast - and then come back here to run a marathon and PR like nobody's business :)